8 thoughts on “01-08-97”

  1. I too was born this exact day, in 1997 over in Guadalajara. To think 20+ years later I would be looking at this day through another picture, it really puts the size of ourselves into perspective. It’s a constant exercise to remember that others are experiencing their own reality at the same time I am, and everyone else is living their own life doing their own things without ever knowing what a complete stranger is doing thousands of miles away. Of course, who would think this, if not only a second before going back to our own lives? I am grateful for this photo collection in it’s entirety, because even though I never knew Jamie Livingston, I am allowed to look into the life of a complete stranger and see that they too were living that day, they too were busy breathing and thinking and loving life. This is just my opinion, of course, but it really brings about the sense of humanity into a tangible perspective. And I absolutely love it.


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