3 thoughts on “01-10-97”

  1. My name is Jamie and I was born on this day 20 years ago in Davao City, Philippines. I find it weird but cool that someone who did something this awesome, and is also my namesake, died the year I was born. I was named after my dad, James, but I was also named after a popular singer in the Philippines at that time, Jamie Rivera. Her song “I’m Sorry” was a hit on the radio at the time, and it has pretty much reflected how my life has been. I wish I could stop apologizing for who I am and the things I have no control over. What this photo tells me, is that everyday we can still find a chance to make something beautiful.

  2. I too, was born on this day and experience a sense of awe when I look at this polaroid. I recognize how arbitrary this feeling is; if it were the photo from the day before or after, I would view each much differently. There is something indescribable about time and memory. I obviously cannot remember the day I was brought into existence. My wonder for this photo, with its timestamp, reflects a yearning to learn about what I cannot recall.


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