2 thoughts on “01-14-82”

  1. My name is Sarah. January 14th 1982 is my birthday. I was born at 4:20 AM in a blizzard at my parents house, in the bathroom. My mother had what’s called spontaneous birth. You dilate fully before having any pain so I was born in less than 5 minutes of labor. I also had my cord around my neck. The doctor said that I would have died had my mother’s labor not been so fast because the cord would have strangled me….sooooo….I’m kind of a big deal. At least I was that day.

  2. My son Lee was born on this day, drove 50 miles in a snowstorm, from Kermit Tx to Andrews Tx. The nurse pronounced me ready to deliver and went for the doctor. In the meantime he slipped back in! The doctor was soooo mad!


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