3 thoughts on “01-20-94”

  1. I know that so many people have already done this, but I felt inclined to look it up too. This is the day I was born. It’s weird to think about that day because to me that moment was so important that I have no perspective for how it could have been a normal day for anyone.
    I expected that looking at this picture would make that moment feel less significant, but it only enforces it. Every single day holds incredible significance, people are born, people die, graduations, marriage, the list goes on. Every day is important to someone, and capturing a moment on any day in essence creates a bookmark on a timeline of our shared human existence.
    A photo of some kids outside a bar isn’t particularly beautiful, meaningful, or impactful, But for me, 3,000 miles away, this was the most important moment that ever happened.

  2. I was born on this day too.
    It really shows how small we are to the world, and how a significant day to us is just an ordinary day to most. Amazing!


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