2 thoughts on “01-30-84”

  1. Superbowl Sunday, 1984. I was born on this day. My mother tells me that she was in labor with me since the night before. It was very cold on that day, so I have been told. And it has hardly been cold on that day where I live since 1999. Don’t tell me global warming is a myth.
    What is funny about this picture is that I can tell what kind of TV that is. My family used to own one until it was replaced in 1993 with a magnavox that was somewhat bigger. I also have seen masks like those that people would nail to their walls. That seemed to be a weird popular thing for people in the eighties. They stopped hanging those masks up on walls across the country by at least ’97. Just looking at this picture makes me think of my childhood. Everything was so…disillusioned and gritty back then.

    1. *GROAN* Please remove this. Your website messed up the order of the pictures and it didn’t say this WASn’t January 29, 1984 until AFTER I submitted that story.


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