5 thoughts on “01-31-90”

  1. 1/31/90 is my birthday. Kind of looks like they’re toasting to my parents. Even the expressions of the people in the photo reflect that of my parents’ sense of humor. I am in no way related to any of these people as far as I know, but they all seem like people that would be in my family.

    1. It’s my birthday too. We turn 27 in two weeks. You and I have had the exact same life, in a way.

  2. I’ve also turned 27 now. It’s pretty amazing to see how the world looked this perticular day!
    I believe that my father drove over the speedlimit to get to the hospital in time with my mum this day. The police stopped the car and when they found out there was a baby on the way they escorted us the rest of the way.
    And now here I am, 27 years later!


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