3 thoughts on “02-01-94”

  1. I was born on this day, currently 23 years old. It is very weird and funny to see that the picture he took on that day is related to music. Minutes before I found out about the site, I decided that I should finally put my own music out there. I play guitar for quite a while now, and I think some of the things that come out of it might be of interest to other to hear. I just need to find the courage to record what I play, and I know it is a bit silly, but it is extremely hard for me to feel confident composing/recording music. Now look at the faces of those 2 ladies. They’re totally rocking it. The bass player couldn’t be more confident, and the guitar player looks like a rock star playing for a 100k people audience. I’m really happy this is the picture he took on my birthday.

  2. This is my birthday! 😊😊😊 seen all of the photos and all are incredible. 😊😊😊


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