3 thoughts on “02-12-97”

  1. I was born on this day. I’m a first born and my parents had no idea what to expect. But my mother remained calm, as always. My mother passed away last year in June, she also had chemotherapy, she was also an artist.

  2. I have followed these pictures and posted for the past 17 years of his work. Thank you so much for sharing and allowing me to see each day of my birthday. This has been really interesting and each picture has its own story to tell. This was my 17th birthday. New York looked so fun to grow up in

  3. I was born on this day.. I’m from Liverpool in the UK and I’ve just come across this website after viewing a video on Facebook about Jamie’s story. I’m in tears at what a beautiful thing he done taking a picture every day. Each photo has its own story to tell and that’s such an incredible thing.
    Rest peacefully ❤️


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