3 thoughts on “02-19-86”

  1. This photo really explains a lot to my life….My birthday of course… I’m a chef at heart.its in a kitchen…Love coffee, love new shoes, looks like a pack of rolling papers next to coffee cup…( Love that stuff also) usually feel like I’m a blur to most ppl around me daily In life..(hence the blurred person in the background) my kitchen cabinets are always open…Not only literally but figuratively as well meaning I feed all that come into my kitchen.. and not to mention I feel like I kind look like the person showing off his shoes..I smile like that and may possibly have a recentinding hairline like him too…..I was really moved by the storyline on Facebook and hope others feel moved by your friends lifelong work….Ihave more to say about the photo pertaining to my life….. but man …does it go deep for me….Thanks for sharing I’m happy to have come across such great karma today….


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