2 thoughts on “02-21-96”

  1. Welp, just discovered this through a happenstance imgur post and honestly i’m glad that I did, a simple picture a day helps to really show how much matters in a person’s life and honestly I decided the first thing to do was to look for my birthday photo (as I’ve heard is a common thing to do) and i’m genuinely glad that it’s not a necessarily beautiful photo or amazing photography or anything like that, it simply is a photograph taken of this man hanging out with company (I assume friends? correct me if not) and just doing his usual thing, in all honesty I may start doing this sort of thing myself, it would be unfortunately digital and so there would be less physical memorabilia to follow but hey, it still counts right? anyway I’ve rambled long enough, thank you Jamie for taking the photos and thank you Hugh and Betsy for allowing simple people like me to actually view them with this site, have a great day if you do happen to read this way too long comment.

  2. Yes This is my birthday and theya re waiting i guess for me.. Amazing project makes me think about it))


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