One thought on “02-28-86”

  1. I turned 20 on the 28th of february 1986. My mother and I went out to a really fancy restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, to celebrate my birthday but hers as well since she turned 60 just a few days later. We had planned to catch a movie, a new swedish film called “the Mozart Brothers”, before dinner but decided not to go. We had a great time and went home a few hours before midnight. Just an hour later the phone rang and one of my mothers friends called. He was very upset and shouted, almost cried “Palme is dead, Olof Palme has been shot!” Swedish Prime Minster Olof Palme had been assassinated just before midnight after a visit to a cinema with his wife. They had watched “the Mozart Brothers”.

    The murder was never solved and the name of the murderer, the motif or anything else around this case is still a mystery. Swedes can often tell what they were doing at this specific time and I guess you can say that we as a nation all took a shot that night.


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