3 thoughts on “03-18-96”

  1. I was born this day. All the way in Clinica las Condes in Santiago de Chile. My mom wasn’t supposed to have children. I was born with a little over six months. The doctors were expecting me to be a little Quasimodo, deformed and mentally retarded, but my mom loved me anyways. I’m 21 years old today, a year away from Graduating from Nursing school in the honors program. Other than a short fight with bone cancer at the age of 7, I am as healthy as any other girl could be. Even if I had been born ‘wrong,’ I know I would still be happy. That makes it ‘right’ for me. I have a brother too. Born with five months and a half, his lungs weren’t fully developed, so he spent the next 4 months in the NICU. He’s now a doctor. We turned out more ‘right’ than most


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