3 thoughts on “03-19-96”

  1. I turned 19 and had a few beers with some friends at my dad’s house, and when I was leaving to get ready for a night of debarchary and youthfulness, We hugged and said “I love You” for the first and last time in our lives. He didn’t past away for another 6 years later, but if he wasn’t drunk, he was straight forward and calm, so I guess you take what you can get. This was a day calming and enjoyable because just a few days from now, on the 22nd, a violent drive-by were friends were struck by burning bullets and my mother, who’s house we were gathered at was struck by shot gun pallets, that eventually took a toll on her health and past away 3 years later.

  2. Our youngest daughter Lea Katherina Kristin was born. 10 days later we moved 120 km far away. Back to the roots she is now studying medicine at her birthplace. We wish her all the best.


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