5 thoughts on “04-06-82”

  1. The day I was born! I’m 34 now, I really need to live life happier then I have. I’m a combat veteran from Alaska, and wish I had the energy to live life as energized as this amazing artist.

  2. Hey Dennis, happy birthday my brother.

    Look, come on down to New Orleans. We aren’t good at much, but we are exceptional at reminding people what celebrating life is all about.

    Our city is a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess. Get out that Alaska cold and come on!

    Again, Happy Birthday.

  3. There’s an extraordinary woman who lives in the mountains of Northern AZ.

    She spends her work time helping her community survive the perils of governmental bureaucracy. She spends her off time helping people much less fortunate than herself. When she finds time aside from that she shreds down the Peaks and runs the River.

    To her I wish a very happy 35th.

    Nothing but love and respect from New Orleans.

    You are beautiful. Never forget.

  4. My birthday too!!!! My mom tells me how it was a terrible blizzard that day. I, like the photographer, am from NYC

  5. This was my 21st birthday. I made some decisions that kept me from the life that I should be living for almost another 10 years. The snow is apropos. I froze my life and denied who I was to marry someone my family would find acceptable. Hard to believe I’ve made it so far. BTW? Where’s 4/6/85?


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