2 thoughts on “04-08-82”

  1. It’s amazing to have quantified things we so rarely consider. On this day, 04/08/1982 @ 9:11am I was being brought into this world in Cleveland Ohio, by my beautiful mother “Wanda Lou”.
    Because of the sheer size of me
    (11lbs 9oz) the Doctors had to proceed with an emergency C-section. My father (Robert Lamar) then in the United States Coast Guard was on a tour of duty at the time!

    This day was my 1st day! This phot in meany ways represent the same amount of ” controlled chaos ” of that day. “Everything everywhere”! This phot was taken on my 1st day. To see that a mans life was taking place as mine was beginning is truly something special!

    Thank you for this Mr. Livingston!!!!!!
    There’s no way to know now if you knew how this would have a profound effect on others. Just so you know, it did!

    To his friends that knew and loved him so much, that they wanted to share there beautiful friend with the world.

    Thank you!!!

  2. I was also born on this day at 02:50. It really is amazing to see life happening on the very day my own life began. What a fantastic way to be remembered 😍


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