5 thoughts on “04-08-94”

  1. This was the day that I had what would be my last child. Labor was induced due to the placenta was detaching and my baby was being deprived of oxygen, his lifeline to me was being strangled. I was unaware of this at the time, everyone thinking it best to spare me the anxiety and the added stress to the baby.
    So blessed to be given a happy ending, and so very, very thankful that every tiny thing about him was perfect….and he still is, at least to me. He will be married this fall to his highschool sweetheart, a lovely girl, and they will continue on the path to their own happy endings…
    …So the blessing will continue to come, even as we work through the harder times that life brings.
    At least that is what I was reminded of when I read about this artist, and why I think these photos are deeply touching for so many. It helps us to remember to have a grateful spirit and to look for blessings every day…


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