2 thoughts on “04-08-97”

  1. I read about this story a few days ago and I have just now gotten the chance to come on here and see the polaroids.

    I vaguely remember the days of polaroids, as this photo was taken the day I was born. It makes the moment even more impactful that this photo involves a law enforcement officer, someone often forgotten and underappreciated, and the people I find myself surrounded with throughout my life.

    The story is a beautiful and tragic one, but I can only hope it continues to live on and be appreciated by people my age and younger. That we can understand the significance and importance of making the most of our days.

    Thank you for putting the polaroids on here, it has given me a new appreciation for the moments around me.

  2. Polaroids were invented in the 70’s and used a lot. It seemed like they had a comeback in the 90’s, still used today though


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