2 thoughts on “04-13-96”

  1. *note: this same story is on the next day, bc im an idiot and put it on the wrong day HAHAHA
    *anyway, here’s the story:

    That night, a little girl named Hannah with dark eyes and dark hair was born to Romeo and Lydia Bondoc in Maryland. Her family always lived well and loves her well. She is a college student who goes to Old Dominion University as a comm major, but she still aspires to be an actress and has been ever since she learned how to speak in an british accent in 5th grade after watching the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She has a boyfriend she’s been dating since the summer after she graduated high school.

    1. so wild. my name is daniel, and i was born on this day in maryland too. oddly enough i’m only 30 minutes away from ODU while reading this. what a coincidence. have a good one


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