3 thoughts on “04-28-80”

  1. This photo was taken on the day that I was born. My mom told me that She just made it to the hospital in time. Being the 4th child, she did not want to have to wait in labor in the hospital for a long time. So she waited until her mother, a nurse told her she needed to go or she wouldn’t make it. I was born in less than an hour of her arriving at the hospital. She did say that they told her to push, then put the gas mask on her (this she informs me was something she usually got after the baby was born), but I was facing the wrong way and the doctor had to turn me so that I would not have my neck broken as I came through the birthing canal. I am currently in my second year of nursing school.

    1. Cool! I was also born on this day & I’ve been a RN for 8 years. Glad you made it out safely & good luck in school!

  2. This is the day I was born….i was almost born in the Lincoln tunnel….my mom refused to believe she was in labor….i was one month early …i was born healthy…i also was born within the hour of getting to the hospital….


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