4 thoughts on “04-30-94”

  1. This is the day my best friend and soul mate passed away. We were both 17. I wasn’t with him but he was being really stupid with some other friends, doing exactly what I made him promise not to do. They were driving on a highway where there were ruts in the road along the tire paths and it was raining buckets. They hydroplaned and the car swerved around and ended up in the opposite lane and were rear-ended. He was in the front passenger seat, and the back seat behind him became unbolted and the impact broke his neck in a second. The person behind him was badly hurt too.
    Pretty sure I’ve spent the rest of my life being slightly resentful of every other person in the world for not being him. He would have turned 40 the other day.
    Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t think about him for periods of time, but when I saw that people come here to find the picture of a certain day in history, I was already looking for this date before I even realized what I was doing. So know he’s still first in my heart. No one has ever loved me or understood me as purely as he did.

  2. My life’s amusement park ride began on this glorious spring day. This is the day that I married the love of my life. Almost 23 years, 2 houses and 3 crazy, loving kids later, we are still going strong. Best and smartest thing that I have ever done!


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