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  1. I just learned of this mans work today. I had to follow suit and see if there was a picture taken on the day I was born. I seem to be lucky to find one, and this looks to be his first year doing this. I find it interesting that the picture is of a family spending time together, eating what looks to be Chinese food, and connecting. Growing up, I mainly lived with my Grammy and Papa all of the family functions were held at their home. They had a few china sets from their travels and going to Ho Toys for take-out in Downtown Los Angeles was a family favorite. We’d order for the whole family, then come home and dish it all out family style. The young ones were introduced to chopsticks and tasty dishes, while the older ones told stories and we all laughed and talked all night. I have many many more great memories growing up in that house, and this photo evokes the true spirit of those memories. Holidays, birthdays, baptisms, BBQ’s, and so much more. I am more than excited to have found this site. I am looking forward to seeing what other forgotten events I can be reintroduced to. I feel with photography, more so than with paintings or sculpture, there is a part of the artist in every photo. We can catch a glimpse of what mattered most to that person at that very moment. We see what was so important to capture, and immortalize for all to see. In this moment, I too feel connected.

    Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us. May you all find some small comfort in knowing his presence is still felt.

    Crystal L


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