4 thoughts on “05-11-95”

  1. This is the day that I was born. I am English, living in the US but i was born in Norway; needless to say i’m a long way from home. Many other people are too. I hope these photos and this website bring happines to those who need it and and comfort to those who seek it.

  2. This was the day I was born in Nepal.🌸 It’s on the totally diffrent side of the planet..But hope one day I will be in that place and take a similar photo❤️This picture made me happy..lol..Dk why?Totally in love with what he did, and what his friends are doing for him to be remember till today. I wish I had friends like that! You guys are doing a great job..big thumbs up👍🏻

  3. This is the day I was born here in the Philippines. I’ve had so many struggles in life nevertheless, I am still thankful that God has given me more than enough strength to face every trial. ❤


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