7 thoughts on “05-13-87”

  1. In a the Swedish town of Gävle, my mother gave birth to me on this day. here, almost 30 years later I find your website and immediately I need to thank you for uploading this. Even though this photo has no connection to me, it is still a fragment of that day specific day and it made me happy just to see it.

    // Tobias Liljeblad form Sweden

    1. Same with me! Almost 30 years later this is beautiful to see! Birthday twin, what one were you born?

  2. I have never really thought about the day I was born. The only other pictures I have seen from this day have been of the moments after my birth. No pictures of family or friends holding me. Just a picture of.me screaming. It is interesting to see what someone else was doing that day…


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