One thought on “05-20-92”

  1. Im not sure what’s going on in this picture or where it was taken. I do know that within a few hours of this snapshot, I was born in Bloomington, Illinois. It makes me wonder what my parents were doing at this exact moment. Were they getting ready to go to the hospital? Were they happily introducing their newborn baby boy to his older sister, or to his grandparents? I’ll never know for sure, but thanks to Jamie and Hugh I’ll always have this picture to come back to and ponder just what was happening in the world at this precise moment in time, on the day I was born. Thank you Mr. Crawford for keeping this site running and not only sharing the memory of your friend, but giving the world a chance to look back in time and see what else was happening outside of their own lives. Thank you Jamie, you’ll never know how much these photos might help someone on any given day. Rest peacefully my friend.


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