9 thoughts on “05-26-96”

  1. This photo was taken the day I was born, just another day with those you care about even if the memories and pictures get a little blurry those who are important remain clear.

    I hope you had a nice Sunday.

    1. This was the day I was born too! Feels magical 🙂 @ChanceH where do you find yourself in life now?

  2. I was born on this day as well. And like in this photo, we came in three’s. My best friend was born on this day, although a year earlier, and the love of my life was born on the same day, same time, same hospital room as me.

  3. I too OBVIOUSLY was born on this day, which is why I ended up here.
    More importantly, it’s so beautiful that it’s 2017 and people are still visiting this and keeping it alive.


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