One thought on “06-10-84”

  1. I was born on this day at the Royal Newcastle Hospital (in Newcastle, NSW, Australia). 5 years later the hospital was badly damaged by an Earthquake. The hospital no longer exists. It was a beautiful location opposite a beach- such a perfect spot for people to heal, and a spot for patients and relatives to escape and enjoy the calming effects of the beach – it’s a shame they don’t build hospitals in healing locations anymore. These days hospitals are all about politics and budgets – not patient care.
    It’s amazing to see a picture taken from that day in history. And even just to reflect back on my life so far. I remember being a little girl and believing in magic and having all of that innocence. Believing in Prince Charming and happy families. I met someone one day whom was a charmer but so far from a prince – he turned into my worst nightmare. I never thought it could happen to me – I never thought I would let someone so evil into my life. I ended up just existing. Lost and alone in an abusive relationship. After a 6 year relationship with my ex I ended it to start from scratch.
    I found that inner child again that believed with all of her heart, that life could be amazing again and it is. I am looking at changing careers and I am ticking items off of my bucket list once more – I am living and not just existing.
    It is so weird that just by looking at that picture made me reflect – we start out as innocent humans that the world get a hold of and take it away from us…..slowly over time…. and society tries to shape us into the latest fashion or stereotypes.
    In my old life I was supposed to be a mum and a wife. And even though I would have loved nothing more than to be a mum- I couldn’t bare to have children with my ex as I knew their innocence would be taken by the abuse. People often ask me if I am married with kids – because of my age it is assumed – when I tell them the story they feel sorry for me. I have accepted that past though and it has made me stronger – maybe my purpose in life is to inspire people and not to procreate?
    I wonder on that day what the drs and nurses and my family though I would amount to… because no one ever thinks their baby will go through domestic violence….. but they do and they will. People try and protect their babies from the harshness of the world – but one day it just doesn’t work anymore – the innocence is taken away. You can’t get it back. Sorry for the long winded thought process. It was just a flood of thoughts that I typed out as they happened. I think I connect so much with this artwork (this site is truly a piece of art) as My hobby is photography – I love freezing moments in time and capturing moments that can outlive memories. Thank you for creating this website it is a touching tribute.


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