3 thoughts on “06-11-89”

  1. Sonder is important.

    At 2:24 PM on June 11th in 1989, I was born…in 28 years I’ve not met a single soul that shares my birthday with me. It’s weird. In this great wide world, with people passing you by every day, rows of houses with families as far as the eye can see…It’s always been hard for me to believe that I’ve still not met a single person that shares this day with me.

    It bothers me.

    Too often we forget the lives of the people around us. We are so absorbed in our own, it doesn’t even cross our minds. This photo is beautiful to me. I was beginning my life on that day…and so were they.

    They were beginning their lives with each other. (I hope and imagine) They were beginning a life full of love, of new beginnings, of new firsts…a life of adventure (even if that adventure was fishing on weekends, dirty diapers, and family gatherings)

    As a writer, I can look at the people around me and imagine the life they might be living.

    As a human, I can appreciate the fact that we are never alone, not truly.

    I know, one day, I’ll finally meet someone that shares this day with me. Until then, I’ll just appreciate the fact that, these two shared it from afar.


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