2 thoughts on “06-16-85”

  1. I was born this day, far away from where this picture was taken.

    I wonder what all the people in the picture were talking about and doing before shooting it. If only there was a way to come back to those moments and relive them, and learn about how we changed on our way to become who we are now.

    That brief moment, the people being part of it, their thoughts, worries and feelings on that day… all of that was true in their lives, for a moment, and for them only. They did not take the picture to pose for some vanity metric; they didn’t expect “likes” from they relatives or acquaintances. No one was going to “search” for them expecting to see this. Yet, there’s so much genuine beauty and simplicity contained in this picture.

    What device, gadget or camera can we buy these days in order to get a picture like this?


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