2 thoughts on “06-19-96”

  1. On this day, I turned 18yrs old. It was an especially memorable birthday, but not for the sole reason of turning 18 and officially becoming an ‘adult’. My whole life happened– changed, during the couple weeks leading up to this day.
    I had graduated high school two weeks prior by the skin of my teeth. Aside from the social aspect, I didn’t enjoy school. I was so happy to be done. While walking across the stage to get my diploma, I wore my red graduation robe with rainbow colored knee highs and Birkenstock sandals…the ultimate 90’s Eugene/hippy attire. But the most ‘memorable’ part of my look was definitely the very large baby bump that was due to pop that day. I was going to be a teen mother and I was ready for the challenge. I had my daughter on the 11th and it wasn’t until 8 days later (my 18th birthday), that I realized how much ‘LIFE’ had happened to me in the past couple weeks.
    Since I was only 18, I was used to having gifts and fun things to do on my birthdays prior. When I woke up that day, I went downstairs to find notes spread throughout the house by my family. They had all written ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ on slips of paper and hung them where I could find them all day.
    It was the best feeling EVER. To have such thoughtful wishes and love all around me…to have accomplished a high school diploma…to have become a mother (something I dreamed of being), and to have become an ‘adult’ realizing the best gifts are the ones that touch our hearts.


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