3 thoughts on “06-25-96”

  1. I’ve just discovered this page, it is such a wonderful work. This is the day I was born, and I can assume by the shadows it was late afternoon in New York so nearly the moment I was born here in Italy. Even though I obviously know it, it’s so strange to see that someone, on the other side of the world, was living his life in that moment, that makes me happy as this beautiful and peaceful photo does. Giulia

  2. This is my birthday as well. I myself after college want to live in NYC. I can’t wait to take pictures half as beautiful as these. Love this whole collection

  3. I’m getting in love with photography and seeing the work of someone like Jamie is amazing. We take pictures of things that we like, we find interesting or just to show other people how we see the world, i find this photo SO beautiful, because i have a very strange love for trees that have no leaves and it might be just a very weird coincidence but the photo of the day that i was born (this one) shows the branches of a tree and you don’t get to see the leaves, it might be just me trying to make my birthday special or the things that i like, but this photo makes me feel good, i like it. I came to this website because i saw a video on Facebook about it and thanks to the universe I’m looking at this picture. I may even start a new tradition by looking a picture daily or looking them all at once or start doing the same as Jamie, who knows. I’m writing all of this with no hope of someone reading it, but if you are, THANKS for passing by. To the person/people that posted the pictures, thanks for showing us the world of Jamie as he saw it, as other people just by looking at this picture i feel as I knew him, it’s a very unique feeling and I’m thankful for that feeling. Thanks.


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