4 thoughts on “06-29-94”

  1. I was born this day. This cat looks just like my own. Her name is Rose. Jamie, you left a footprint that is beautiful and makes people happy. Rest in Peace. <3

  2. I find it perfect that this day’s picture is a cat.
    I was born on this day, and cats have always been, and still are, a huge part of my life.
    My fiance and I now run a rescue, and own 8 of our own.
    Thank you Hugh, for keeping this website going. Jamie truly has left a mark on people, all over the world. His art is timeless.

  3. My birthday! A picture of a cat is very fitting! Living on a farm, both my parents and grand parents always had barn cats and they were so intriguing to me a young child. My grandfather was a farmer and animals were always taken good care of however it was still a business to him. He never got attached to his stock and he never named them as they were all feedlot steers and market hogs he raised every year.

    He was a very strong man and never was the “affectionate” type of grandpa, he didn’t give out hugs and wasn’t one to joke. But it was humorous to see him provide so much attention to his half wild barn cats. People would always dump boxes of kittens at his barn. Some old timers might’ve found a way to make them disappear but grandpa would never say anything. He would raise them and let them stay in the barn. One of his favorite cats looked very similar to the one in the picture. For someone that was so conscious of livestock being money on the hoof, he was so picky about the care for his beloved barn cats. This photo reminds me of my “PawPaw” now that he has passed on.


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