4 thoughts on “07-03-80”

  1. This was my birthday. My mom loves to tell me how unbearably hot it was that day and how she remembers lying in the hospital bed watching the weatherman fry eggs on the pavement on the midday news.

    1. This was my birthday as well. Some family friends worked at the hospital where i was born. My mom and dad took off to party because it was so close to independence day. I guess I learned to be independent early 🙂 I had many family and friends to see me thru, and still do! I love the story of the photographer more than my own.

  2. I to was born on this day so funny eggs and me just don’t get along lol kinda of a statement there like the eggs are saying you can look buy dont eat me lol

  3. I have a son born on that day whom my parents forced me to put up for adoption. I’m on the registry but haven’t found him yet. He was born in the Pottstown hospital at 7:38 am, weighed 7# 15 oz. I really want to get to know him. I was almost 18, but since I was under 18 my parents forced me to put him up for adoption. I think about him a lot.


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