6 thoughts on “07-21-90”

    1. It is also my birthday. This collection of pictures is awesome, but it also really inspires a lot of thoughts in me, when picking the picture of an important day. So this is what my birthday looked like at some point, during the day, through the eyes of another.

  1. This was the day I was born. Now 27 after seeing a video, I want to reflect on this gentlemans life. Pure beauty.

  2. I have never met a birthday twin, this is the day i was born. I think its amazing, his dedication to take a photo everyday, and now everyone can see into the past through his eyes. I wonder if he knew how important they would be when he was alive

  3. This is the day I was born. I just discovered this syte and Im happy other people are commenting to this day´s photo.
    Best wishes from Argentina!


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