3 thoughts on “07-30-97”

  1. This is the day I was born. At about 7:20 pm. I guess it was a difficult birth. From what im told, and the pictures ive seen of my self as a new-born, I had a large, purple, bruised head; and I didnt have enough oxygen in me to start, so the doctors had to work on me for a bit. My mom was staying in the hospital and asked them to induce her so she didnt have to wait another nine days. But in the end we made it and we’re fine for the most part I guess.

  2. I dont really know the whole story, if there is a story after all. and as for someone who really loves and has a passion for photography, i can only thank jamie for the work he’s created. for me to be able to look at a photogrpah of this date the feeling is like going through a time machine or looking back in time. though on this day, may not be the best day of jamies life or his friends. july 30th 1997 was the day i was born and even though obviously didn’t know him this photograph in its entirety is to me a literal definition of what i call “a work of art”

    1. Well hey, me too! It’s so strange but so interesting to see snapshots of someone else’s life on days like this that are so personal to me.


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