3 thoughts on “08-04-97”

  1. This was the day that i was born, it’s hard to see some one grasping death the day that you embraced it.
    Blessings where ever you are Jamie.

  2. I learned the story of Jamie and came here. Flipping through, and finding my birthday I felt horrible. I feel horrible that what makes these beautiful photos even more beautiful, and allowed so many others to experience them, was this man’s passing. So I kept going, and found this photo.

    I am studying to be a Medical Laboratory Scientist and had to look up what these tests meant. Some people might see it as insignificant or a boring piece of paper telling a man what he might of already known. But every photo can connect with somebody. And no one cares, that’s alright. Nothing I write could convey how this photo made me feel. Nor could any photo he took convey how he felt on that day, including this one.

    It’s beautiful, and sad, and I am thankful that these photos were shared.


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