6 thoughts on “08-06-95”

  1. This is the day I was born. I will have to come back here often to look through it all.

  2. I was born on this day. 9 weeks premature and spent a month in ICU.

    Here I am now 22 years old.

    Im a photagrapher myself and a student film maker, living in Ireland.

    This work has inspired me to take even more photos. As someone who struggles with health, they remind me its a way to capture places and moments the good and the bad. They are memories I can leave behind of others and of myself, long after im gone. I hope to someday have such an amazing collection it images as Jamie had.

    Beautiful website, beautiful work. RIP Mr Livingston.

  3. The day I was born.
    “In Love I Was Created And In Love Is How I Hope I Die.” What a fitting picture.

    Love this site and everything it means.

    RIP Jamie


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