7 thoughts on “08-07-93”

  1. This is the day I was born! The picture is…Odd. But cool, lol. A little creepy, maybe, but interesting, nonetheless.

  2. My day of birth as well. I totally love this picture. Definitely something I would have thought to do. And I’m also a photographer. This is such an amazing story and idea. RIP Jamie Livingston your photography amazes me 😇😇😇

  3. The day of my Brith too. I was born in west palm beach Fl. I love that Jamie continued his vision; because now I get a small glimpse of a moment in time on the same day as my birthday. I get to invent a short story about the three individuals in the photo and feel as though I was there too. Humans such as Jamie are joy bringer; even long after they are gone. (I now, I probably sound crazy, but that’s my view of the world.) Thank you for sharing his life’s work



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