7 thoughts on “08-09-97”

  1. I was born this day. Looking at this is like looking at the past. I’m the first child and it’s was a difficult time for my parents, they had fought a lot before and even after they have me. I was always wondering would it be better if I was never born? And here, twenty years old me looking at this, I realize everythings has been better from since! Life is simple and compicated, sometimes ppl just want to quit because they wanted more. And there is time that only happiness and mild sunshine like this making me happy. Hope you all a lovely birthday!
    Thank you, Jam. You did a great journey and a very good job.

  2. The day I met the love of my life… at a wedding – he was the east coast best man, I the midwest maid of honor. We laughed and danced and enjoyed the day – in spite of my secret – I was 18 and pregnant. The years went by; I raised my son, my friendship with the Best Man grew over the distance. It had ups and downs. Life went on. In February of 2012 we let go of our differences, realized distance was not permanent, and we got together – it’s been a wonderful five years. I’ll never let go.


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