One thought on “08-14-90”

  1. This really tickles me! It was my 21st birthday, but as it was a Tuesday I’d had a big party on the Saturday before…pre-empted by a night out with one friend on the Friday who’d complained too many people would be around and they wanted to celebrate with me without competing for my time…we wound up working our way across the optics behind the bar! The following day – party Saturday – friends drove the 250+miles from London to join in and kidnapped me for the old “hair of the dog” resulting in me being late for my own party…and my mum rebuking me!!…My kidnappers had already gotten me totally stoned, to the upset of my closest friends who’d gone directly to the party with their families, but by the end of the night all was well! The visiting friends stayed over – already family were staying so it was a full house and we didn’t get much sleep…so nor did anyone else! The Sunday saw a family trip to the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool (one of the UKs largest funfairs)- just over an hour away. I’m sure I was still drunk! Then a slight let off on the Monday before heading out on my actual birthday for more of the same. The clock-watching in the picture just seems so fitting in these circumstances!! It just feels like such an analogy for how I was feeling “what time/day is it?…is it really actually finally my birthday??” – it brings a smile to my face anyway. I’m so thankful for stumbling across this beautiful record of your friends’ incredible life, love, attention to detail. <3


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