One thought on “08-22-97”

  1. My partents were at a restaurant the night of the 21 of August, having dinner with their friends. My mom was pregnant for 9 months so It was almost due.
    While they were dining, a friend of my parents wanted to bet about when the baby was going to be born. One of them said to this day (21) in three days. Someone else had bet that next Friday was going to be the day and then someone said tonight. Tonigh your baby is going to be born.
    My parents laughed, thinking that without a doubt that wasn’t going to happen. It was a good night.
    After the dinner my parents drove back home. They where about to go inside until they noticed my mothers water had broke.
    They rushed to the hospital and later in the morning of August 22,1997 Mexico I was born.
    Ps. My mother asked for a hamburger after the labor. No, she didnt ask for me or any of my family members, but a burger.


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