One thought on “08-23-81”

  1. A great editor I’ve worked with for years, Micheal Saia, invited me to work from his country house in Germantown a few summers back. I took the train Rhinecliff and Rebecca (Quaytman) who was teaching at Bard MFA then, picked me up to drive the rest of the way. Our GPS course looked strangely familiar and I asked her: Isn’t this the way we used to go to the pond? (or “The Pond” as it became an official name: A magically perfect place hidden in an apple orchard owned by some benevolent soul who allowed public swimming) we spent seemingly all of summer ’81 there… never not naked.
    We arrived at Michael’s and were wisked off immediately for drinks on the deck overlooking… a pond.
    it seemed wishful that the site of such mythic memories would now be under the care of such a great guy. I marched down and took a single phone photo from a familiar vantage… then compared it to this PotD. both photos were taken from the identical angel. Every element of the landscape looked completely unchanged. This morning I showed Michael how consistently The Pond appears in Jamie’s pictures from June through August ’81 and compelled him to open it for public naked swimming.


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