7 thoughts on “08-25-97”

  1. The man I love was born this day. It’s nice to think about. A simple day, rolling with the punches finding solitude in hold his cat in his lap and my love was taking his first breath. Life is strange but it’s nice… there’s simple poetry in these pictures… that we think about what our day entailed and what happened here. And how this simple day for his cat was a life changing one for our own individual worlds.

  2. This was the day I was born. There’s something emotionally satisfying about seeing your birthday, supposedly one of the most important days of your life, as just another simple moment in time for another person. I was born on 8/25/1997. On that same day, a man sat on his couch, held his cat, and looked at a camera. Amazing.

  3. It could be that this very picture is why I love cats so much it’s good to see that I spend my days as a man once is on the day I was born.


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