8 thoughts on “09-10-79”

  1. My 9th birthday. My mom and dad were fighting a lot at this time of my life. I started grade 4 in a class with the teacher who had the worst reputation in the whole school for a horrible temper. I was sick with apprehension and worry. I know I had a few friends over for my birthday, as well as my very large family, but so much of this time period is just a giant blur of heartache and uncertainty. My teacher turned out to have a temper, yes, but he wasn’t actually scary and we did some really fun science projects that year. Two things from my 9th year that stand out for me were about the Aboriginal people of Canada’s historical significance for my hometown and surrounding area and about how sound waves travel through the air. Another thing I learned was that my father couldn’t ever be trusted. I wish I didn’t have to learn that lesson that young. It changed me.

  2. My birthday was a Monday cool i was born on this day i love his story and how he potrayed his life through pictures i saw his story and was intrigued im glad i took the time to do this. life lesson signed Ricardo miami Florida april 6 2017

  3. My 7th Birthday. Mom had been gone 4 years. Mr. Phelan was my teacher. He was a happy faced mean man who reminded me of my father of the same vain. I gained a stepmother, who despised my brother and I. I picked mistletoe, and collected black fuzzy caterpillars. We went camping in Yellowstone and The Redwood Forest. My brother taught me how to bait a hook and to fish. I got lost at Griffith Observatory. Deena was my new friend who moved in across the street. We are still friends.

  4. I was born on this very day. It was in a town called Dartford in England. Apparently I was over a week late. I can’t help thinking that this late arrival set the path for the rest of my life, as I’ve never been on time for anything.

    Hi to all fellow September 10thers!


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