One thought on “09-20-80”

  1. This was the day I was born. My father was working for Sports Illustrated at the time and he was photographing the America’s Cup in Newport, Rhode Island while my mom was 7 months pregnant with me in Connecticut. She went to Newport to visit my dad and they went out to dinner. They had barely been seated when I decided it was time to make my grand debut. My mother was rushed to the little hospital in Newport where they were not prepared for a premie. On the recommendation of a local, my parents requested a particular doctor who happened to be working as a judge for the America’s Cup. As it also happened, he was working for the America’s Cup that night due to a dispute and at first refused my parents’ request when he was contacted by a nurse. However, when he was informed that if he didn’t get to the hospital ASAP he’d read a story in the next Sports Illustrated that placed him in a very poor light, he decided his time was better spent deliverying me. My birth date, weight and length were posted along side the racing results the next day.


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