5 thoughts on “09-20-97”

  1. This was my 21st birthday, and I had just recently finished my Associates Degree from MATC. I had also taken photography and multimedia and graduated with an AS in Computer Graphics/Visual Communication. It is inspiring to see these photos – I wish I had a Polaroid camera. The last time I used one was while working at the 440th Airlift Wing, AFRC taking Polaroid head-shots for ID cards as a DOD Civilian GS-04. On this night, the 20th, I fell down: my first time dancing at a club, and broke my ankle. It was the first time I’d been drunk, & the first time I had a “strawberry shortcake drink” too. I like this candid photo in particular because of its honesty. It was a big day for me too.

  2. My husband and I were married this day. It was a rainy day in SW PA, but the wedding, although small, was beautiful. Even more importantly, the marriage has been beautiful. We now have 7 kids, two biological, 5 adopted. It’s been a great two decades with my husband and I look forward to more wonderful decades ahead,

  3. This was my 19th birthday and my first day of school at the University of California at Santa Cruz. I moved into student housing at Porter College (B4N) and met my hall mates and my dorm mate. It was the beginning of a beautiful adventure and my first taste of “adult freedom.” I’ll never forget this day.


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