6 thoughts on “09-23-86”

  1. I was born that day. A day where my mom was 23 years old and i was born on 23 Sept 1986. I am the second between my two brothers. Tuesday is No.2 of the week too. No.2 seem always be with me. My mom passed away due to Lung Cancer after 30 years with me. She was 52 years old. There is a long story to tell if i have to say from the day i was born.
    I am happy to see that she hold the sentence ‘i Love you’ on that day with a beautiful smile 🙂 A perfect day!
    A photo is a memory for us –what we used to have and also a reminder what we have to explore another things we used to miss.
    Or i can say it also tell you what you have now won’t be lasted forever.Nothing is forever.
    We can’t stay on the same spot to repeat the same things but to move forward to discover the unrepeatable things in life.

  2. Hello from Brooklin, Ontario, Canada! I was born on Tuesday, September 23 at 3:05 pm in Toronto, Ontario.


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