2 thoughts on “09-24-87”

  1. 9-34-87 This is the day I was born.

    My 18 year old mother lost so much blood during the delivery, they didn’t know if either us would make it. Today we bond over our shared love of my daughter.

    Side note. The first born child of the first born child on my mothers side, is always a girl. For 6 generations. We all share the middle name Marie. Except for my daughter, who has the name Olivia Rose-Marie. Named after my grandmother, Rose Marie, who lost her battle of pancreatic cancer while I was pregnant. I gave her her first great grandchild, and she was sure that it would be a girl. That gives me small measure of comfort. She died knowing that, through my daughter, our legacy lives on.

    RIP Ganny. I think of you every day.


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