6 thoughts on “09-24-92”

  1. Found the story on facebook and rushing to this site. Just want to look what is he doing on the day I was born

  2. My dad died on this day … so much sadness …. but yet in this photo there was happiness. You never know what people are going through so if the piss you off … give them grace, they may need it.

  3. I saw this site today, and it is my birthday. I was born on this day back in 1992. And today I got a news my mother needs to have a surgery to remove her kidney, in order to battle her cancer. I need to see people smile, beautiful people, beautiful work. 🙂
    Hope that Hugh Crawford rests in peace. 🙂

    1. Happy birthday! (Mine was yesterday.)
      Hugh is still alive. It was his friend Jamie Livingston who was the photographer who passed back in ’97.


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