7 thoughts on “10-01-93”

  1. This day was the day I got my cancer diagnosis via a cold phone call from my Doctor’s receptionist. Gorgeous day in Vancouver, BC, terrible words spoken. Jamie didn’t survive his diagnosis, and I did. It should have been him, he should have survived.

  2. I was born this day. My life is not wonderful but it’s far from terrible. Still, I feel like I’m not enjoying it enough. When I see this picture, I feel like I’m wasting time. I’m wasting time he should have had. Time that people with joy in their eyes should have had.
    I would love to say that I will not enjoy my life at its fullest. But I don’t know and I’m so sad (and angry at myself to be sad) that I probably won’t be able to do so.
    I just hope people who are not happy and deserve to be will be.
    For them: ♥

  3. I’ve been divorced since 2008 and I can honestly say I sort of stopped living that year and haven’t really done anything since so I have really wasted a lot of years. I didn’t have a great childhood I was neglected a lot as a small child and we never had much. When I left home at 22 I knew I would have to work hard to have a good life and I did just that. My husband and I started our own business and we did great but a few years after he did something that totally ruined everything and I lost all respect for him. I had worked SO hard to get that business going and worked like a man to make it successful so I guess at that point in my life I kind of just gave up, I had been through too much, I just threw my hands up. My first husband cheated on me when our 2 children were only 2 and 3 years old. With my 2nd husband I really loved him and felt he loved me but he just didn’t appreciate all we had and all the hard work we put in to it as much as I did. It wasn’t an affair, It’s too long of a story to go into. I feel like I’m too old at this point in my life to meet someone else and honestly I don’t have the energy. I’ve wasted almost 9 years of my life. I’ve had a lot of very bad depression but at least I can get out of bed everyday now.

  4. My brother was born this day. He passed away 6 months ago in a car accident. I think Jamie and him would have gotten along well. They clearly lived life to the fullest and enjoyed the small things. RIP Derek, RIP Jamie. The world loves you both.

  5. My brother and I share this birthday but we’re not twins. I was born in ’93 and him in ’96. Even through we’re three years apart there is something to be said about sharing the same birthday. My cousin was also born in October and there’s something from I’ve noticed from my experience with my Octoberite famiy members. I dont know if it was because we were born in the fall in a time when the world is decending into death spiral for its long winter sleep or what … but we have this kind of cynical mentality that has plagued our view of the world. When I look at this picture, the subtle smile, the confidence in the man’s pose, and his assurance in his presence in the space it gives me a bit of peace. Good things were happening in the world on the day I got here and good things will keep happening. I don’t need to be cynical all the time.


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