4 thoughts on “10-01-97”

  1. Although I was born on the same date but exactly a year later from when this photograph is taken. It’s so awesome to see that Jamie was with his friends and family during tough times. His story is truly inspiring to all of us. People like him are the reason I still have faith in humanity. You’re a legend Jamie. Wish I could meet you in person. Rest in Peace

  2. On this day at 10 o’ clock I was born. You feel so small when you realise that the day you were born, seeing for the first time the world, someone on the other side of the world was suffering from cancer, but enjoying his last days with his friends. Your story is just one of over 7.5 billion and although every single one is unique. You and what you do, make the world’s history complete and this man captured his life in some wonderful photos which show the good and bad sides of everybody’s life. This man did great work and shared his own personal story with everybody, this is just amazing.

  3. I was born on this day around 7 AM GMT which I realize on this day he was in hospital surronded by loved ones.

    Feelsbadman he seemed like a wonderful man.


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